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Guidelines for Visa Application
Entry visas to Iraq
Types of Visas
Exemptions from visa fees
Requirments for Iraqi Visa
Visa Application form


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Guidelines for Iraqi Visa Application

Entry visas to Iraq

A visa cannot be granted unless the approval of Foreign Ministry of Iraq, after filling the application form and sending it to the Ministry then the embassy informs the applicant of the result positively or negatively.

Cases where the embassy or consulate can directly issue a visa without reference to the ministry:

  1. Wives of Iraqis after the submission of a certified marriage contract.
  2. Foreigners who are of Iraqi origin and their families after the submission of proof (identity card - a certificate of nationality).
  3. Foreign students studying in Iraq on the basis of cultural exchange after providing proof of their acceptance to study in universities, institutes and Iraqi schools.
  4. Truck drivers carrying goods to and from Iraq once upon request and a fee./li>
  5. Accredited diplomats and administrators in Iraq and their families on the basis of reciprocity, as well as members of missions and international organizations working in Iraq and their families.
  6. Foreigners born in Iraq and their families after the submission of proof.

Note: Regarding requests from journalists and media wishing to visit Iraq, the applications should be sent to the Press Dept at the ministry to receive guidance in every case together with the names and nationalities and a copy of the passports and the agency they are working with.

Types of Visas

Tourist or visit visa: authorizes the bearer to enter Iraq once during the three months of granting and residence for one month.

Regular visa: entitles the holder to enter Iraq once during the three months from the date of granting and residence for a period of not more than three months after obtaining the approval of the Directorate of residence.

Political or service visa : granted to persons who hold diplomatic or service passports on the basis of an official memo from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where the mission is, given free upon principle of reciprocity and entitles the holder to enter Iraq once during the three months and residence for one month one.

Entry Pass Visa: entitles the holder to enter Iraq once three months within the date of the granting and residence for a period not exceeding seven days.

Non-stop visa: entitle the bearer to enter Iraqi territory under the supervision of the competent authorities non-stop once during the three months from the date of issuance.

Urgent Visa: the residence officer grants it to a foreigner who was not in possession of a visa after certainty of the reasons that prevented the granting.

Note: For investors, companies and businessmen who wish to obtain a regular visa to Iraq for the purpose of investment, they should send a request and complete information about the organization or company wishing to invest, prior the date of the visit to the National Commission for Investment ( directly and the commission attains the necessary approvals shortly and informs the embassy or mission.

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Exemptions from visa fees

  1. Bearers of diplomatic passports on the principle of reciprocity.
  2. Foreign journalists on the basis of reciprocity
  3. Foreigners born in Iraq who are from Iraqi origin after the submission of proof (the identity - Iraqi nationality certificate)
  4. Enrolled Agents in the Iraqi government for particular contract.
  5. Foreign students enrolled in colleges and universities on the basis of Iraqi cultural exchange after proof of acceptance of the study.
  6. Foreigners born in Iraq without the inclusion of family members from the exemption from the visa fee directly and provided that the foreigner born in Iraq comes with them to Iraq.

Requirments for Iraqi Visa

The following conditions must be provided:

  1. A valid passport for a minimum period of six months.
  2. Fill in the application with a photograph attached to the form in the space provided for this purpose.
  3. To be able to cover the cost of living during the period of stay in Iraq for holders of regular passports.
  4. No objection from entering the Republic of Iraq because of a public health or security, moral or national economy cause.
  5. No order of elimination from the Republic of Iraq for the person applying for the visa after checking the records to prevent them from entering Iraq.
  6. The person should not be accused or convicted of a crime outside the country.
  7. Presenting a compelling reason for the visit


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